• Profile of Hebei Normal University

Hebei Normal University originated from Shuntian Fu School in Beijing and Beiyang Women's Normal School in Tianjin which were founded in 1902 and 1906 respectively. It is a key provincial university jointly established by the Peoples Government of Hebei Province and the Ministry of Education, a first tier higher institution with "double first class" structure in Hebei Province.

The university’s new campus covers an area of 122 hectares, has a 3.03 million volume library and 67 Chinese and foreign language databases. The university presently has 23 academic colleges and 1 independent college (Huihua College), has doctorate authorization in 11 primary disciplines, 1 professional doctorate authorization, master’s degree authorization in 29 primary disciplines, 14 professional master’s degree authorizations and 95 undergraduate majors. These majors cover 10 main areas including literature, history, art, economics, management, law, education, science, technology and philosophy. Hebei Normal University has 2,606 staff, of which 1,617 are full-time teachers. It has one CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) academician, 215 outstanding experts on the provincial level and above, 124 doctorate supervisors, and 768 master’s supervisors. The university has 23,692 undergraduate students, 4,638 graduate students and 8,418 adult education students.

Hebei Normal University has launched extensive international cooperation and academic exchanges, having already established formal cooperative relationships with 87 higher institutions and educational agencies from 23 countries. The level of internationalization of education in the university has gradually improved, given the development of relations with over 200 foreign universities in areas including cooperative education, teacher collaboration, student exchange, online courses, cooperation in scientific research and international talent recruitment. Hebei Normal University accepts international students under the Chinese Government Scholarship and the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, yearly admitting over 600 short- and long-term language students as well as degree students from Russia, the United States of America, Italy, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, and other countries. The university has established 3 Confucius Institutes and 1 Confucius Classroom, cooperatively established 1 Portuguese-Chinese bilingual high school, 1 overseas college and 2 overseas preparatory colleges, and has sent volunteer teachers to more than 20 countries, actively participating in the international promotion of the Chinese language. The university has also set up Peru Research Center, Indonesia Research Center, and Sino-Russian Far East Research Center, making effort to establish a regional research platform.

With the motto "For the World, For the Truth", Hebei Normal University warmly welcomes international students from all over the world!


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