College of International Culture Exchange

  •Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

College of Business

  •International Economics and Trade


  •Logistics Management


  •Finance and Accounting Education


  •Human Resource Management

  •Information Resources Management

  •Finance Engineering

College of Tourism

  •Tourism Management and Service Education

  •Tourism Management

  •Performance (Flight Attendance)

  •Cuisine and Nutrition Education

College of Journalism and Communication



  •Film and Television Photography and Production

  •Radio and Television Studies

  •Radio and Television Editing and Directing

  •Broadcasting and Hosting Art

College of Mathematics and Information Sciences

  •Computer Science and Technology

  •Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

  •Information and Computing Science

  •Internet Engineering

College of Arts and Design


  •Fine Arts



  •Visual Communication Design

  •Environment Design

  •Garment and Accessories Design


  •Art of Digital Media

College of Life Sciences

  •Biological Science

  •Biological Technology

College of Foreign Languages



  •Translation and Interpreting



College of Chinese Language and Literature

  •Chinese Language and Literature

  •Chinese Language

  •Secretarial Studies

College of Public Management

  •Administrative Management

  •Public Management

  •Labor and Social Security

College of Education


  •Preschool Education


  •Applied Psychology

  •Public Management

  •Primary Education

College of Resources and Environmental Sciences


  •Geographic Information Science

  •Natural Geography and Resource Environment

  •Human Geography and Urban & Rural Planning

College of Physical Education

  •Physical Education

  •Sports Training

  •Social Sports Instruction and Management

  •Wushu and Ethnic Traditional Sports

  •Exercise Rehabilitation and Health

College of History and Culture



College of Music


  •Composition: Theory and Practice

  •Musical Performance

  •Dance Performance

  •Dance Studies

College of Information Science and Technology

  •Educational Technology

  •Electronic Information Science and Technology

  •Network Engineering

  •Electronic Commerce

College of Law and Politics


  •Sciences of Politics and Administration

  •Ideological and Political Education

College of Physical Sciences and Information Engineering


  •Electronic Information Engineering

  •Applied Physics

  •Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering

  •Space Science and Technology

College of Software

  •Software Engineering

College of Chemistry and Materials Science


  •Applied Chemistry

  •Science Education


College of Vocational Technology

  •Mechanical Engineering

  •Mechanical Technology

  •Automobile Service Engineering

  •Communication Engineering

  •Applied Electronic Technology Education

  •Electrical Engineering/Automation

  •Automobile Service Engineering

  •Computer Science and Technology


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