The program is for at least one semester, with about 20 weeks, and the classes focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing and Chinese traditional culture training. Beginners, intermediate and advanced classes are available according to the Chinese proficiency of the learners.

●Duration of Study: ranging from half a year to more than two years, with study time of about 18 to 20 weeks every 6 months.

● Enrollment Time: February for the Spring Semester and September for the Autumn Semester

●Application Time: November 30th for admission into the Spring Semester, and May 30th for admission into the Autumn Semester

●Eligibility: To be considered for admission into Hebei Normal University, international students must be in good health, have no criminal record, and abide by Chinese laws as well as the regulations of Hebei Normal University.

●Documents required:
   A. Hebei Normal University Admission Form for International Students
   B. Foreigner Physical Examination Form 
   C. Highest diploma certificate
   D. Photocopy of passport data page
   E. Curriculum vitae
   F. Certificate of No Criminal Record
Whether or not the applicant is admitted, the above application materials will not be returned.

●Application Procedure:
a) Fill and send the required documents (via post, fax or e-mail).
b) After receiving the documents, the university sends the Student Visa Application Form (JW202) and Admission Notice via international express.
c) Apply for student visa with Admission Notice and other necessary documents.
d) Notify the university about travel information and after arriving in China, report to the school in time, and go through relevant admission procedures.


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